Rigging and Machine Moving

Rigging and Machine Moving is an ever-growing division within Northfield Engineering.

With our sister company NF hire, we can assist with all rigging and machine moving projects. 

We can assist with all rigging and machine moving projects.

We have recently proven our worth in the decommissioning of local plants and silo moving throughout the rest of the country.

Our fleet is expanding, and our team is meticulous in completing jobs safely and on time.

Mobile Cranes for Hire

Northfield Engineering, through NF Hire, offers a fleet of mobile cranes for hire.

Our core focus is to offer the services of our crane-trucks and their dedicated rigging and moving teams to industry in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro as well as the greater Eastern Cape.

Should you require industrial mobile cranes, please get in touch with our NF Hire team to ensure we offer the right crane-truck for your requirements.

Riggers for hire

Northfield Engineering though NF Hire and Contracting (Pty) Ltd offers a professional rigging team that has the experience and equipment to service your project requirements. They will support and service you 24/7 and ensure that the rigging is carried out safely and accurately. Our mobile crane-trucks can also assist in moving or relocating any materials and structures which provides a complete turnkey solution for our clients. Contact our industry specialists to discuss your rigging requirements. We take every job extremely seriously, striving for safety and excellence in every project.

Experience is priceless

The NF Hire fleet has worked on a multitude of projects over the years in both the municipal, agricultural and industrial sectors.

Experience earned and gained includes project work in industries such as automotive, beverage and pharmaceutical, as well as civil, commercial, construction, ports, wind farms and waste water treatment works.

Types of Mobile Cranes for hire

The Badger and its FASSI knuckle boom Crane.
JFK and its palfinger knuckle boom crane.
BA the Badger and its Fassi knuckle boom crane – the largest remotely controlled Fassi in Southern Africa.  
NF Hire’s tireless work horse Stoffel and its knuckle boom crane.
The mighty Ratel and her Pesci knuckle boom crane.
Northfield Engineering’s all-conquering low-bed aLex.

For more info, contact:

NF Hire Industrial Service Manager Carel Greyling on carel@northfieldeng.com & 066 553 4814

NF Hire Senior Office Administrator Megan Douglas on nfhire@northfieldeng.com & 079 503 4740

Rigging services offered include:

  • Decommissioning of existing factories
  • Relocation of existing factories
  • Rigging, placement, and commissioning of factory equipment
  • Destuffing of shipping containers
  • Palletising and crating of equipment
  • Tank, vessel and silo placement
  • Tandem lifts
  • Transport of equipment from port to factory
  • Specialised rigging with in-house equipment

A dedicated municipal support team focuses on solutions for all fluid-related municipal solutions.