Milking Solutions

Waikato Milking Systems was founded in Waikato, New Zealand, in 1967. Although the company originated from New Zealand, it has been developed for the world and its innovative products are now used in more than 30 countries, including South Africa.

Waikato South Africa has established agents in all the major dairy farming areas in Southern Africa, which enables us to provide quick assistance if necessary. Service is important to you and therefore it is vital to our business. We treat every dairy as an individual and unique operation and aim to supply top quality milking equipment and services to all South African dairy farmers.

Innovative products used in more than 30 countries.

The Waikato milking machine can be fitted with a range of herd management systems, with Afimilk Advance Management Solutions being our preferred partner. The combination of Waikato Milking Systems integrated with Afimilk herd management system and Rockwood Rotary Platforms create the perfect milking solution for any modern dairy parlour. These three systems integrate seamlessly. Our agent network across the country is skilled to service and support all three respective products ensuring exceptional after-sales service.

Waikato South Africa is the leading provider of hardware and software dairy solutions to the South African dairy market.

Afimilk Management System

Afimilk has cemented itself as the world-leader when it comes to herd management systems for commercial dairy herds. Headquartered in Israel with a global footprint, Afimilk systems can be found on over 15 000 farms, helping manage over 10 million cows around the world.

Afimilk system essentially consists of three pillars: cow monitoring, farm management software, and milking parlour automation.

In a world where data is becoming ever more important, the Afimilk system uses a multitude of data points to assist farmers in making intelligent, well-informed decisions.

Through the dedicated team at WaikatoSA and Afimilk headquarters in Israel, Afimilk clients receive comprehensive training and outstanding after-sales support from the WaikatoSA team.

Assisting farmers in making intelligent, well-informed decisions

Northfield Engineering has been actively involved in the Agri division since the early 1990’s.