Rotary Platform Solutions

Rockwood Rotary Platforms

Since arriving in South Africa in 1998, Rockwood Rotary Platforms have become the preferred rotary platform in Southern Africa due to our efficiency, reliability, affordability, and after-sales support by our field technicians.

To date, over 200 Rockwood Rotary platforms have been installed across Southern Africa, making the brand the dominant player in the rotary milking platform market.

  • 75mm thick, 40MPa forward sloping concrete deck
  • Centre-bearing and spokes that ensure consistent and concentric platform rotation
  • Hydraulic drive units with stainless steel pipework
  • High-strength steel roller wheels
  • Standard or heavy-duty bale options to suit your herd
  • Effective platform direction and speed control
  • Effective lubrication systems
  • ‘Emergency Stop’ safety feature around the entire platform
  • Overhead walkway for easy access to the centre of the platform

Rockwood Rotary Platforms prides itself on looking after its clients. We have developed a highly skilled and dedicated team of service technicians who are available on standby 24/7.

Today, we specialise in building rotary platforms that are tailored to the size of your herd and the capacity of your farm.

Northfield Engineering has been actively involved in the Agri division since the early 1990’s.