Pump Sales

Relationships built on Trust

The pump sales team at Northfield Engineering boasts more than a century of experience between them and can advise on the best pump solution for the requirements of any business or project

The standard pump has a number of moving parts and the sales team at Northfield Engineering specialises in all aspects of a pump system – from sourcing bearings to lubrication systems, pulleys and gearboxes.

The sales team works closely with agencies across the country that specialise in all aspects of a pump system.  Years of working together with these agencies ensures the utmost peace of mind when a client makes a pump purchase.  

The sales team also has a close working relationship with its service providers across the board to ensure the best service possible to the end user.

External and Internal Sales  

Northfield Engineering has both an external and an internal pump sales department.

The Internal sales team is based at Northfield House in Dobson Street in North End and is on-call to handle day-to-day requests for quotations.

The External pump sales team is site-focused and is geared at resolving and advising on any queries when it comes to the installation and operation of a client’s pump-system.  

The pump sales team is heavily invested in providing a quality service to its clients in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro as well as the greater Eastern Cape.  The team knows no bounds and services a growing number of clients across the country.

The sales team is passionate about the products it sells and is motivated and driven to finding the best possible solution for any project. This ensures optimum productivity for the end-user which ultimately impacts positively on operating costs and the bottom line.  

Additional Support

In addition to pump sales, Northfield Engineering offers mechanical support with conveyor spares and parts. Drive units in the form of motors and gearboxes, along with the necessary couplings and mountings, can also be sourced and delivered to the client. 


Northfield Engineering stocks an array of pump brands which are best-suited to the Industrial, Domestic, Food & Beverage, Municipal and Agricultural sectors.

We also act as the distributor for the following brands of pumps and parts in the Eastern Cape: KSB, Gorman Rupp, Grundfos, Verder, Pedrollo, Busch, Inoxpa and Franklin, SKF and Lincoln.  

The following types of pumps can be sourced by the sales team if not readily available:  Multi Stage Pumps,  Self-Priming Pumps, Submersible Pumps, Immersible Pumps, Bore Hole Pumps, Magnetic Drive Pumps,  End Suction Pumps, Rotor and Stator Positive Displacement Pumps,  Air Diaphragms  Gear Pumps,  Lobe Pumps, Vacuum Pumps,  Dosing Pumps, Peristaltic Pumps, Valves,  Mechanical Seals, Engine Driven Pumps and Fuel Transfer Pumps. 

Contact us:

Karen Meyer – Industrial Sales Manager on sales@northfieldeng.co.za & 071 341 5249

Theresia Els – Internal Sales on sales@northfieldeng.co.za & 083 661 4983

A dedicated municipal support team focuses on solutions for all fluid-related municipal solutions.