Water Treatment Plants

Potable and Sewage Water

Our intricate knowledge, coupled with our vast experience within the potable and sewage water industry, has enabled us to come up with treatment solutions for most water treatment plant scenarios. From the design’s inception to the final commissioning, our solutions incorporate the latest in new technologies and innovative designs.

Services include the following:

Pump Station

  • Design and equipping of the pump station
  • Pipe work design and layout
  • Power calculation
  • Odour control
  • Security of station and surrounding
  • Telemetry
  • Maintenance


  • Design
  • Calculation of pipe size
  • Configuration of pipe and valves, fittings and flow meters
  • Manufacture of mild steel and stainless-steel pipe work
  • Welding correctness -Welding procedure per job    specification
  • Coating and testing of pipe work


  • Finale effluent pond aeration
  • Circuit water Aero 2 floating aerator
  • Stationary splash aerator from 2,2kw to 75Kw
  • Triton aero mixer/aerator c/w blower pump
  • Algi control aerator   


  • Small bubble aeration with side channel blower
  • Municipal sand blower systems
  • Side channel blowers on clarifiers in WWTW


  • Grundfos dosing
  • Chlorine dosing
  • Flocculant dosing
  • Automated dosing systems


  • Hydro mixers
  • Top mount mixing
  • Lightning mixers
  • Lime mixers

Screen Repairs

  • Step screen repairs
  • Chain screen
  • SAME screens
  • Huber screens

Clarifier Repairs

  • Repairs to drive gearbox
  • Supply and replace drive clarifier wheel
  • Supply and replace trailing wheel
  • Supply and replace v notch scam plates
  • Supply and installation of dump valves
  • Supply and replace scum box and dump float

Valve Repairs

  • Repairs to all makes of gate and non- return valves
  • Supply and replacement of gun metal gates
  • Supply and replacement of gland packing
  • Supply and replacement of Teflon bushes on top mount
  • Supply and replacement of counter lever weights

Electrical Interface repairs

  • Manufacture and installation of Motor Control Circuits
  • Interfacing of new hard ware and electronic displays
  • Installation of telemetry and electronic level sensors

Other services includes:

  • Maintenance Contracts
  • 24 hour service
  • Project Estimation
  • Tender Work Up
  • Turnkey Projects

Conveyance of all liquid, including pipe work, valves and controls, ranging from water through to chemically aggressive liquids and high viscosity products.