Rotary Platform Solutions

Rockwood Rotary Platforms Since arriving in South Africa in 1998, Rockwood Rotary Platforms have become the preferred rotary platform in Southern Africa due to our efficiency, reliability, affordability, and after-sales support by our field technicians. To date, over 200 Rockwood Rotary platforms have been installed across Southern Africa, making the brand the dominant player in […]

Feeding Solutions

Feeding Solutions services are predominantly aimed at, but not limited to, the dairy industry. Our agricultural feeding systems also specialize in beef, piggery, poultry, and small livestock sectors, specifically focusing on feed handling, storage, dispensing, and processing solutions. From feed arrival, to where it is presented to the animal, and everything in-between, we offer a […]

Livestock Handling Solutions

Through a team of skilled draughtsmen, design engineers and technicians, Northfield Engineering Agri Support offers a world-class service when it comes to the design and manufacturing of animal working facilities. Our skills in this division have been developed through many years of designing working facilities across the dairy industry. Our skilled draughtsmen and engineers will […]

Turnkey Projects

Turnkey Dairy Developments and Project Management Northfield Engineering’s Agri Support team has been involved in the dairy sector for over 50 years and has helped to manage countless new dairy developments over this period of time. The skills and knowledge that our team has acquired over the years have proven to be invaluable to our […]

Agri Products

MILK LINERS The milk liner is the only part of the milking machine that comes into direct contact with the cow during milking. Using good quality liners and replacing these at the recommended intervals is crucial. Northfield Engineering Agri Support offers a wide range of liners to the dairy industry. Waikato Original Liner Redline Liner […]

Cooling Solutions

Northfield Engineering’s Cooling Solutions division supports the dairy industry when it comes to all things cooling and refrigeration related. Our team consists of a hand-selected group of technicians with a dedicated installation team, a very competent service team, a breakdown team and a manufacturing team in our workshop. Support for the dairy industry Services offered […]

Milking Solutions

Waikato Milking Systems was founded in Waikato, New Zealand, in 1967. Although the company originated from New Zealand, it has been developed for the world and its innovative products are now used in more than 30 countries, including South Africa. Waikato South Africa has established agents in all the major dairy farming areas in Southern […]